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Entity attachments (Part 1: What are the types and how do I know I have one?)

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Depending on one's perspective, the concept of an 'Entity' can take on various meanings. Personally, I believe that there exists a broad spectrum of entities, each with different motivations for attaching to individuals. These entities include, but are not limited to, ancestors, elementals, parasites, and even darker beings such as demons and sorcerer spirits. Some may remain nameless, while others remain unknown to us.

I understand the term 'demons' might raise eyebrows, but I've encountered and dealt with them, confirming their presence. In the realm of spirituality, it's not all about love and light; darkness exists alongside. Some entities are malevolent, feeding off our energy, and they cannot be simply banished with affirmations of love and protection. They require forceful removal, and each entity may demand a different approach.

While the symptoms of entity attachments can vary, I've compiled a list of the top ten signs to watch for in my daily practice:

  1. Persistent low energy and constant fatigue.

  2. Overwhelming negative emotions, such as depression and anger.

  3. Feeling disconnected from oneself.

  4. Intrusive thoughts disrupting daily life.

  5. Suicidal ideation.

  6. Unexplained, chronic physical pain.

  7. Obsessive behaviors.

  8. Development of new phobias.

  9. Hearing voices or experiencing auditory hallucinations.

  10. Frequent blackouts or memory lapses.

It's crucial to note that these symptoms may also overlap with various medical conditions or reactions to medications. I always exercise caution not to see everything as an entity attachment, and I recommend ruling out medical or psychological causes before proceeding.

In my experience, approximately 90% of the clients I see exhibit some form of entity attachment. Removing these entities can range from relatively easy to challenging, depending on factors like the duration of attachment and the type of entity involved. Stubborn attachments may require multiple sessions for complete removal. Furthermore, we must explore the root cause of the attachment to prevent its recurrence. Closing the door in that area of vulnerability strengthens your energy field, making it more resistant to future attachments.

It's essential to approach these matters with an open mind, acknowledging that beliefs about entities can vary widely. While spiritual practices and alternative therapies have their place, they should complement, not replace, conventional medical and psychological treatment when necessary. A holistic approach to well-being combines both approaches, prioritizing safety and evidence-based practices.

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