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Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress, pain and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands or remotely to deliver energy to people, plants and animals, improving the flow and balance of their energy to support healing.

1. What can Reiki do?

Reiki can help reduce stress, anxiety, pain, boost the immune system and help your body heal. By putting energy into the body, the body can heal faster. 

2. What can Reiki not do? 

Fix broken bones and grow new limbs. There has been evidence it has helped with cancers and other serious aliments but those have been on a case by case basis and cannot be considered the norm. Reiki also does not take the place of living correctly in balance. If you put poison in your body daily, reiki will help but will not cure you. 

3. Does it really work remotely?

Yes, sometimes I think work done remotely is better because the person/animal is more relaxed and not focusing so much on the outcome.


4. Why do you need permission? Can't you just heal anyone?

All healing takes two people. The person giving the healing and the person receiving it. We are all here to learn or experience something, sometimes that is pain. Sometimes  the attention a person gets for being in pain all the time  is more addictive that the desire to heal. This is usually subconscious but it happens. When a person does not want the healing the energy flows back to me. Just like anything else in life you have to want it. 

5. You also do "Shamanism" what's the difference? 

In a lot of ways they are the same. Both ways use energy in some way. I personally feel Shamanism is great for the deeper issues, the trauma of our lives. Reiki is good for promoting healing and reducing stress. 

6. You say you can work on animals and plants? Does that really work?

Short answer is yes. I find both animals and plants respond well to reiki. Again though you cannot live off of reiki alone. Animals and plants both need to live in good conditions and be fed properly just like a human. 

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