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Free yourself from the past. Shed ancestral baggage, childhood traumas, PTSD, and lingering attachments. Live life for your happiness, on your terms.

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Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is a dedicated practitioner of Shamanic Healing, and was also trained in Level 3 Reiki and Laser Reiki. He holds a  certification by the Light Body School of the Four Winds Society.


Early on though in his practice he found that there are "darker" entities that attached to people. He found a teacher in South Africa and was trained to extract demons and clear land of the infected people. His mission is to help others be clear of these attachments and to live their life free of anything holding them back.


Through his rigorous training, Jeremy was able to navigate the challenging path of healing from his own PTSD, a result of his time in the U.S. Military. His personal journey equips him with a deep understanding of what it means to be lost and in search of one's true self, making him a compassionate and relatable guide for others on similar quests. 



Shamans believe that the wellbeing of a person lies in in their energetic field. This energetic field holds the potential for limitless wellness, health, and wellbeing.

Any experience of illness or discord also originates in the energetic field. It may be caused by interferences from this life or previous lives you have experienced. It may also be caused by entities that attach themselves to us.

This modality of healing focuses on a holistic view of the soul and its energetic field and therefore does not simply just treat any symptoms. Through this transformative work, you may rediscover the holistic sense of health and profound happiness that has been missing from your life. 

My Philosophy

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