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Embark on a transformative journey with our shamanic healing sanctuary. Liberate yourself from the weight of the past—release ancestral ties, heal childhood wounds, and dissolve lingering attachments. Experience true freedom as you reclaim your joy and chart a course to self-discovery. Unearth the power within, and let my shamanic practices guide you toward a life of profound healing and fulfillment. Your path to a revitalized self begins here. Explore more about my transformative offerings and start your odyssey to inner harmony.

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Meet Jeremy


I faced the daunting challenge of transitioning from military life, battling the weight of PTSD and struggling to manage my emotions, particularly my anger. Seeking assistance from the VA, I was only offered pharmaceutical solutions that left me feeling disconnected and unsatisfied, hindering my ability to be the present father and job seeker I aspired to be.

Frustrated with the limited progress, I turned to self-medication with cannabis, finding temporary relief but spiraling into unhealthy habits that persisted for five years. The impact was clear in my personal life, marked by emotional outbursts and literal holes in my walls.

Yearning for a more profound transformation, I explored various self-help avenues for another three years until I encountered Shamanism—an unexpected yet transformative calling. I trained with the Q,ero Shamans from Peru and through dedicated training, I unearthed the peace and resolution I had long sought. Later on in my practice I was faced with clients with "darker energy" attachments and that led me to train with a Shaman from South Africa. These attachments I found were attracted to those with addiction, trauma and PTSD. By removing this attachments people could heal faster than before. I found that Shamanism proved to be the holistic approach that delved into the core of these challenges.

Now, armed with personal experience and the tools of Shamanism, my purpose is to guide others on their journey towards healing and self-discovery. I've navigated the depths of feeling lost and yearning for one's authentic self, and my goal is to assist others in breaking free from their trauma, empowering them to live the life they envision. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

My Philosophy

In the realm of shamanic belief, the essence of a person's wellbeing resides within their energetic field. This field harbors the boundless potential for optimal wellness, vitality, and harmony.


Any instance of illness or disharmony stems from disturbances within this energetic realm. These disruptions could originate from past experiences in this life or even from previous lifetimes. Additionally, they may be exacerbated by entities that attach themselves to us.


This unique approach to healing operates from a holistic perspective, addressing not just symptoms but the entirety of the soul and its energetic landscape. Through this transformative journey, you have the opportunity to rediscover a profound sense of health and happiness that has long been absent from your life. Experience the power of holistic healing and unlock the full potential of your being.

What can I help with?

PTSD, Addiction, and Trauma

Welcome to a safe haven where healing begins. As a specialist in working with individuals grappling with addiction, trauma and PTSD, I extend my hand to guide you through the shadows of your past toward a brighter tomorrow. Whether you're a dedicated military member, a resilient first responder, or someone bearing the weight of childhood trauma, your journey to healing is my priority. I understand that healing is a process, not an overnight fix. It's about unraveling layers and gently peeling back the scars that bind you. With patience, compassion, and unwavering support, I am committed to standing by your side every step of the way. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey toward reclaiming your peace of mind and crafting the life you desire. Let's journey together towards wholeness and fulfillment.


Lightworker and Healer support

Through my expertise, I've observed that spiritually awakened individuals often attract unwanted energies. Fear not, for I am here to liberate you from these energetic leeches and fortify your spiritual field against future intrusions. Allow me to guide you on a journey of cleansing and restoration, empowering you to reclaim your sovereignty and bask in the glow of spiritual protection. Together, we'll ensure your spiritual wellbeing as you step confidently into the light.


Entity Extractions

It's not uncommon for individuals to find themselves burdened by unwanted attachments. Let me help alleviate that weight by expertly clearing entities from your energy field and home, ensuring they never reattach. Experience the freedom of a purified spiritual space, where you can thrive unencumbered by negative influences. Trust me to safeguard your energetic boundaries and guide you towards lasting peace of mind.


Ancestral and grief work

For those navigating the loss of a loved one or seeking solace in rekindling bonds with departed family members, my services offer a path to healing and renewal. Through facilitated connections, I provide a space to release lingering burdens and cultivate new relationships with departed loved ones, should you desire it. Experience the profound comfort of reconnecting with the departed, finding closure, and forging a bond that transcends time and space. Let me guide you towards healing and newfound support as you navigate the journey ahead.

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