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Emotions and Pain

Pain can have various causes. It may result from physical factors like an injury or an accident, but often, emotional factors play a significant role. Strong emotions such as self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy, anger, or jealousy can become stuck within us and manifest as chronic physical pain.

Scientific research has shown that when a person experiences anxiety or anger, their muscles can tighten, contributing to increased physical discomfort. Numerous healing modalities focus on clearing these trapped emotions to promote healing.

In some cases, these deep-seated emotions require multiple sessions to clear. However, after successful emotional clearing, chronic pain often subsides.

One approach I frequently recommend is the book "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson, which is easily available and can even be found for free online. This is not a Shamanic healing technique but more of a "DIY" technique you can do at home.

In the above mentioned situations of deeply trapped emotional pain, merely seeking help from a chiropractor or a medical doctor may not suffice. While these amazing professionals can alleviate the pain, the root cause may persist until the emotional aspect is resolved.

It is essential to emphasize that chiropractors and doctors have their place in healthcare.

There are instances where physical interventions are necessary, such as resetting a bone or aligning vertebrae. Different forms of medicine, both physical and energetic, have their time and purpose and should be used in parallel if possible

I'd like to conclude with a thought from my teacher Alberto Villoldo: "Feel the feelings but do not hold onto the emotions." It is normal to experience a range of emotions, from laughter to sadness or anger. However, letting these feelings fester and transform into entrenched emotions, they will rather harm than help us. This work can be hard and challenging, and essentially you will be better for it once you come through to the other side. This is part of what is known as Shadow Work.

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