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Entity Attachment PT 2 (Ancestors)

In this section, I will delve into greater detail about the primary type of entities that I see daily, Ancestors. We all possess ancestors, some of whom we are familiar with, while others remain unknown. These ancestors extend beyond just your biological family. For instance, if you were adopted and never had the chance to know your biological family, they still exist, and you can invoke their aid or, in some cases, encounter challenges from them. Additionally, you have the ancestors of your adopted family, as you are now a part of this family unit. For individuals in this situation, the scope of both protection and potential issues expands significantly.

I don't believe these entities harbor malicious intent or intentionally seek harm us. I also don't believe that they represent the entirety of the deceased person's soul. Instead, they are fragments or soul parts. These fragments can be as simple as emotions or a facet of the soul that must fulfill a life mission or resolve some karmic debt. These are not fully spirits; those can be around as well but usually as our guides or helpers.

For instance, I once worked with a client experiencing an issue with her son. Over the past year, her son had developed an alcohol addiction, and it was causing a strain on their relationship. While he had never battled addiction before, he showed no inclination to overcome it. My client sought guidance on how to move forward and come to terms with her son’s addiction and find the strength to be able to set her boundaries. She didn’t want to be used by him anymore or feel the weight of the responsibility. She still loved him and wanted the best for him but she had to live her life too. A hard choice for any mother.

As we delved into her situation and family history, we discovered striking parallels with her mother and even her grandmother, who had faced a similar scenario at the same age. I investigated to see if she had any attachments or generational curses. It turned out she had an ancestral attachment in the form of her grandmother.

Her grandmother had children who later in life struggled with alcohol addiction and eventually succumbed to it. The grandmother carried profound emotions because she couldn't prevent these tragedies. When she passed away, a fragment of her soul separated, driven by a relentless determination to resolve the family's addiction issue. This fragment continued down the generational line, attaching to new individuals, and perpetuating the addiction problem until it reached my client. I intervened and extracted this fragment. I want to emphasize again that I don't believe this was a malicious act by the soul part. This soul fragment did not represent the entirety of the grandmother's being. If it did, I believe that it would not have perpetuated these issues within her family line. Instead, it was a piece filled with intense emotion and an unyielding drive to address a problem without recognizing that the issue had already been resolved.

So, what did this mean for my client? If her grandmother's soul fragment is gone, does that mean her son is now free from addiction? Not necessarily. Firstly, I was working with her, not him; I cannot intervene in someone's life without their consent, as it doesn't work that way and can create more problems. Secondly, free will still prevails. While my client's experiences influenced her son, he ultimately chose to continue down his path of addiction. There is still a chemical dependency that needs to be addressed. Over time, he did show signs of improvement, but she was able to have the boundaries in place and provide support. I continued to work with my client to alleviate any guilt she felt about this decision and to help her move forward.

This is just one example of how ancestral attachments can impact our lives. These attachments can manifest as various issues, such as pain, depression, cancer, or even poverty. It's astonishing how our ancestors can influence us, both positively and negatively, even across multiple generations.

After I extract an ancestor from an individual, I contain it within my extraction crystal. Later, after the client has left, I conduct a small ceremony to summon my lineage and ancestors. This ceremony facilitates the transfer of the soul fragment to the ancestral realm, where it can undergo the healing, it requires before reuniting with the main soul. If you feel an ancestor might be running your life and want to know, more reach out and let’s see what is going on.

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