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Entity attachments PT 3 -Demons/Dark Spirits.

Demons and other dark spirits—let's get this straight, I'm not chatting about the supernatural entities you binge-watch on shows like Supernatural or in flashy Hollywood productions. No sudden eye-blackening or spontaneous outbursts of Latin incantations to send your neighbor packing. But hey, these entities are no figment of imagination; they're real, and it's crucial to be aware of their existence. In the realm of love and light, you can't ignore the shadows—they might not be as prevalent, but they're there. My journey in this practice led me to encounter a few, prompting me to delve into learning how to navigate their realm.

Now, these entities don't just make a cameo; they bring along some serious baggage. They're energy vampires, messing with your body's healing mojo, and if that's not enough, they might even be the unseen force behind those whispers urging you into actions that would make your regular self cringe, throwing your life into chaos.

Symptoms are similar to other attachments: Depression, anxiety, extreme mood changes, chronic pain or fatigue, and I have even found some people get sick more often or life threatening diseases.

You'd be surprised how often I'm hit with questions like, "So, is this the root cause of all my problems?" or "Will life go back to normal once we've booted these entities out?" Well, not entirely. There had to be an initial chink in the armor for these entities to latch onto you. Sure, they can stir the pot on existing issues, but you need that opening for them to make an entrance.

Think of it this way: cult leaders seeking out individuals with chinks in their armor, vulnerabilities to exploit. It could be trauma, a shaky sense of self-esteem, or just a lack of self-love, among other reasons.

Our game plan? First, we evict these entities, and then we dig deep into why they set up shop in the first place. Sometimes folks aren't even aware of the backstory; maybe there wasn't a blockbuster trauma or a life-shattering event, but there's definitely a reason. These epiphanies tend to surface in our talks—minds might forget, but the soul holds onto the memory. Living a certain way for a stretch can trick you into thinking it's normal, even when there are healthier alternatives.

By showing these entities the door and addressing the associated trauma or issue, we're basically slamming the entrance shut, ensuring nothing new can sneak in through that avenue. Usually, we can wrap this up pretty quick, but in some cases, it might take a bit to get everything crystal clear. It all depends on the unique circumstances of each individual.

The important part is not to live your life in fear. This like anything else can be fixed and resolved.

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