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"Navigating Plant Medicine: Intention, Setting, and the Right Guide"

It's not just about Plant Medicine; there's a whole intricate process involved. Plants, with their profound wisdom and healing properties, have been our guides for centuries. Think of medicines like psilocybin mushrooms and Ayahuasca, even the unexpected ones like tobacco—they've been helping people globally. But here's the thing: can you just grab some mushrooms or order Ayahuasca online and expect your problems to vanish? Definitely not.

These medicines need the right context and setting. You can't just pop a gram of mushrooms at a party and hope your depression disappears. It might happen, sure, but there's also the risk of getting stuck in your head, sinking deeper into depression, or maybe just seeing pretty colors and drifting off. The outcome is uncertain when plant medicine steps out of its proper setting and turns into a recreational thing.

In the right setting, you've got your guides and the medicine watching your back. With the right intention, you might not get the answers you were wishing for, but you'll get something profound. Figuring out your intention is usually the easy part—what are you seeking? Peace after losing a loved one? Freedom from addiction? Relief from depression? The trickier part is the setting.

Finding the right guide is crucial. Not all guides are created equal. Some are just in it for the experience and the cash. Anyone can take a quick Facebook "class" and become a certified "Psychedelic Counselor" or do a weekend retreat and label themselves a "Shaman," even if they're not truly experienced or gifted. These folks can be more trouble than help. If they don't open sacred space properly, all sorts of problems can crop up, and that's usually when I get called in to clear entities from people. Business-wise, it's good for me, but I'd rather it not happen at all.

Ceremonies are sacred—they're not just a business transaction. While it's fair to pay facilitators for their time and efforts, it's about more than money. If you're going to a ceremony, talk to your Shaman or facilitator. How do they plan to address your needs? What's the setup like? What happens afterward? Do they follow up with you, or is it a one-and-done deal? Make sure you're entering a sacred space, not an assembly line.

So, you see, it's more than just about the Plant. It's about intention, setting, and finding the right guide—those elements make the journey truly transformative.

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