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Unveiling Past Lives: Healing Trauma and Finding Wholeness

In some belief systems, individuals attribute their present-life issues to scenarios or trauma from past lives. Understanding the origin of these challenges can be overwhelming. How can we discern what belongs to our current selves and what may be lingering from our past incarnations?

Several factors can help us explore this concept. First, consider the duration of the issue. Has it been a lifelong struggle, or did it suddenly manifest at a specific point in your life? Ask those close to you, such as family or friends, if they've noticed this trait throughout your life.

To illustrate this, let's look at the case of a 12-year-old boy who has grappled with chronic anxiety. He has always been overly concerned about maintaining control, lacks faith in his parents and authority figures, and constantly fears making mistakes and facing consequences.

Upon consulting with him, I began to examine his anxiety within the context of his chakra system and discovered that it deeply affected six out of seven chakras. This indicated that addressing his anxiety would likely require multiple sessions.

As we worked to alleviate his anxiety, the young boy began to experience vivid visions. He described a scene involving a soldier during a war. In this scenario, the soldier, whom he was witnessing, was led into battle where everyone except the leader perished. The soldier was wounded and eventually succumbed to his injuries in a hospital, with his wife by his side. He died feeling anger and mistrust, burdened by the belief that better leadership could have prevented the tragic outcome.

This past-life trauma was found to be influencing the child's present life in an unhealthy manner.

After clearing his chakras, we embarked on a soul retrieval process to reunite the soldier's essence with the child, making him whole once more. During this process, the child was able to communicate with the soldier, gaining deeper insights into the source of his lifelong anxiety.

While our work is ongoing, the child's mother has already observed a positive shift in his demeanor, describing him as 'lighter.' He still has further work to do, particularly in integrating the retrieved soul part fully, but we envision a future where he can live his life more fully and authentically

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