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What exactly do you do?

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Explaining what I do has always been a challenge because my range of services is quite diverse. My elevator pitch typically goes something like this: 'I specialize in removing imprints or blockages from your energetic field, which can manifest as physical and emotional pain in our lives.'

The concept of the energetic field is multi-layered, as illustrated in the diagram provided here. While I won't delve into intricate details now, the core idea is that blockages can occur in these energy fields. When these blockages are successfully removed, it paves the way for energy to flow freely, which can have a transformative effect. This can help alleviate issues such as depression, trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, and more.

Interestingly, some of these blockages can stem from not just this life but also past lives. I've noticed that individuals with chronic pain often have blockages caused by injuries in previous lifetimes, which we refer to as 'crystallized intrusions.' These intrusions can manifest in various ways, and sometimes, I can even perceive how and where the past-life injury occurred. I've extracted daggers, swords, scar tissue, and other remnants from people's energy fields through this process.

On the other hand, we have what we call 'fluid intrusions,' which are typically entities. These entities can range from ancestral spirits and elementals to parasites or even darker entities like demons. They can also attach themselves to your home or land, creating portals for additional entities. I'll delve deeper into these in future posts because there's much more to explore.

Another aspect of my work involves retrieving and reintegrating lost soul fragments from your various lifetimes. Once this process is complete, many individuals report feeling a sense of wholeness and completeness. During this journey, we also identify and modify contracts that may be affecting your life. To briefly explain, trauma can cause fragments of our soul to dissociate as a protective mechanism.

Ancestral constellation work is another facet of my practice. I assist in facilitating communication with your ancestors and arrange their positions around you. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with controlling ancestors, as it allows for a shift towards a more supportive role. If you prefer not to have certain ancestors around, that's an option too.

Plant medicine integration is yet another service I offer. Powerful allies like ayahuasca and mushrooms can bring about significant experiences and revelations during ceremonies. However, many individuals struggle to maintain these insights in their everyday lives. I work with those who wish to work on 'homework' assigned by these plants to help them become the person they envision.

Curse removal is also a common request. Some curses are generational and can affect entire families, while others are placed by individuals online for various reasons. I work on removing these curses and provide guidance on how to protect yourself in the future.

Lastly, I can help you connect with a power animal, each of which brings unique gifts and insights. Having a power animal as a source of support can be a potent tool in your journey. As you can see, my practice encompasses a wide range of services, and I've left out a few details for the sake of brevity. I'll explore some of these areas in more depth in future posts. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or leave a comment below."

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