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Who am I?

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Hello, my name is Jeremy, and I am a shaman, or a energy healer, or a light worker or a guy that does magic. I’m also a father, a husband, and a son. I’ve been a soldier, a leader, a manager, an I.T. guy, a waiter, a cook and many other labels in my life. I now find enjoyment or solace in helping others work through their pain or issues. Everything else is just a label given either to me or by me.

Labels can be fun and important, but they can also weigh us down in life. Ultimately, I am me. No more no less, no better or worse than anyone of you. I am here to learn my purpose and my life lessons so when it’s my time to move on I can be ready for the next round. This work has also help heal my own wounds, I served two tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan, I came back broken and not the person I used to be. I know what it is like to be in the dark wishing for the light to come back but not sure how. It almost cost me my marriage and my kids but I was able to come back to the light and move past the trauma all through this work that I offer. Was it easy? No but it was worth it.

So, I figure if you are on my site, you might be interested in what I have to offer. Maybe you have your own trauma you want to work on? Or you have grief from the death of a love you need to work through? Or maybe you have a friend who went to a shaman for something and now swears by it, so you are curious. Either way you got here and if you want to trust what I have to offer it’s best to know me a little. Just like a mechanic or a doctor you want to have some trust in them before you pay for work to be done.

I have been doing this type of work for the past few years now. I have trained with multiple teachers and different schools of thought. Most recently I graduated out of The Four Winds school, trained and initiated in the techniques of the Peruvian shamans. I have worked with shamans from all over the world in order to fine tune my craft and I am always working on new methods or ways of bringing healing to a client more efficiently and effectively. There is no right way of doing things and some traditions having more experience or knowledge in working on a problem than others. I have also worked with different plant medicines and have found ways to integrate that into my work.

What I am not is someone that believes in wasting your time or mine. If I do not think I can help you I will let you know and recommend people, you can see. I don’t want to see a person weekly for the rest of their life, I want you out living your life and fulfilling your purpose. That could take a couple of sessions or sometimes that can take only one. It depends on you as well. You have to put in the work just as much as me. If you don’t then we are wasting both our time and your money. I know that’s not the best business model but I’m here to help.

I believe that there is darkness out there and things are not just all love and light. Sometimes you need to fight what is out there, sometimes these things attach to us and cause us harm and we cannot just wish them away. Positive thinking is not always enough, action is also needed.

So that is who I am in a nut shell. A no nonsense shaman here to help and nothing more. If that sounds good then let’s talk and see what we can do for you. My plan for this blog is to just talk about what I see going on in the world or with my clients. No sells pitches or ads just what is on my mind. Of course if you want to work with me there are links on the rest of my site but not here.

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